Movie tip: "Friends with Kids"

I would have loved this film even if writer-director-star Jennifer Westfeldt hadn't grown up in Guilford. (Local girl makes good!) This comedy finds two 30-something pals deciding to have a baby together but to remain just friends. A lot of the plot points are predictable, but Westfeldt has a knack for making dialogue sound fresh and for creating characters who feel real. She's got help from a stellar cast, many of whom are reuniting post-"Bridesmaids": Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm (who is Westfeldt's real-life long-time beau) as a couple becomes bitter and unhappy, and Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd as a regular couple muddling through parenthood. Adam Scott, from "Parks and Recreation," earns big-screen leading-man cred as Westfeldt's baby daddy. Yes, "Friends with Kids" uses some vulgar language it doesn't really need (especially those underwhelming final lines), but this movie shows just how talented Westfeldt is.



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