Man shoots pit bull that attacked co-worker at New London business

A man shot a pit bull at an auto body shop in New London on Monday afternoon after it escaped from a nearby residence and bit a store employee.

The dog later died.

The dog escaped from 14 Blackhall St., police said, and ran down an alley to Giants Neck Auto Sales, a shop near the corner of Blackhall and Truman streets.

The dog bit the man's hand around 4:30 p.m.; the man was taken to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital by the New London Fire Department, police said.

The dog entered an open bay door and started chasing employees, one employee said.

The loose dog then attacked a pit bull owned by one of the shop's employees, police said. The dog's owner tried to separate the dogs but was bitten on the hand by the loose dog.

The dogs continued to fight, police said, and another employee pulled out a .40 caliber handgun and shot the loose dog in the chest. Police said the man holds a permit for the weapon.

The dog was found back at its home, police said, and the city's animal control officer took it to the veterinarian for treatment, but the dog died of its wound.

A blood trail was visible on the pavement outside the auto shop.

Police cited the owner of the loose dog, 25-year-old Michael Edwards of 14 Blackhall St., on charges of having a roaming dog and nuisance dog.

The employees at the auto body shop said the dog had previously escaped and come into the shop and acted aggressively.

Police said they will not be pressing further charges.


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