Day did good job sharing joyful news

I've heard great jubilation since our record grant awards ($824,000!) were reported in The Day: "Community Foundation awards grants to scores of local programs," (March 30). The joy I experienced this year in making the announcement made me feel truly like Lady Bountiful for the first time in years. Usually, we have to pare back every request to the bare bones, resulting in frustration and feeling like skinflints.

This year we fully funded 50 of the 120 proposals we received and partially supported 40 more. A handful of truly engaged donors, fairly new to giving, piggy-backed on our review process, opening their hearts and their purses to plump up projects we were excited to fund. Their participation, modesty and humility added real power to the 2012 effort. The publicity The Day provided will help our efforts grow, even though these donors are insistently anonymous. Good job spreading the good word about this caring community.

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