Get your cheap beer here

Last month, after enjoying a few Winterhooks, I wrote about how winter seasonals were hanging around longer than usual, a product of a mild winter.

Now, I got an email from Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport, Mass., that proves my theory, by saying in part: “Harry went CRAZY making our fabulous Hot Cocoa Ale and we’ve got a ton of it left. Winter (despite the frosty morning today) is behind us. Our over-production is your gain so we’re going CRAZY (this is where the echo effect kicks in) and selling it a ridiculous, MUST BUY price of 2 cases for $30 bucks! Hot Cocoa Ale, yummy at any price.”

Sam Adams Summer is already available, the temps are climbing, and breweries are hoping to unload their winter beers.

Would you drink a winter beer this time of year, or buy some on the cheap and hold onto them?




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