NL school board should welcome help

This letter is in response to the surprising reaction from the New London Board of Education members regarding their recent state audit. I always find it interesting how elected officials become surprised when their called out on their behaviors.

We've had council members threaten court when their issue doesn't get discussed or make preposterous claims. Like board member Jason Catala stating that we should let go of our present superintendent and hire someone from New London.

Some of the members have been elected before, after being elected to the City Council and some have been re-elected numerous times. There have been more articles on their petty disputes than actual credible work for our district.

I have lost some faith in many of these members, because there is more petty squabbling, than actual sincere emotion towards helping our young people in our town. Some members have stated that they would welcome help from the state Education Department for assistance and I believe that is maybe the best for everyone involved.

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