Jeff Dunham brings his "suitcase posse" to Mohegan Sun

Big deal: A ventriloquist selling out arenas? Well, when it's Jeff Dunham, he can. Dunham, who performs Saturday at Mohegan Sun Arena, has a huge fan base. Here's how huge: his Facebook fan page has 6.5 million followers.

Such characters: Dunham's "suitcase posse," as he calls them, features a cavalcade of wild characters, including grumpy old man Walter and redneck Bubba J.

A how-to: Dunham has said that learning to speak wtihout moving his lips was like learning to speak in a whole new way. He's also said he knew that ventriloquism couldn't be the be-all-and-end-all of his shows; he had to have good comedy material, with the ventriloquism being the method of delivering that material.

Write on: Dunham conducts a lot of his interviews via email. Guess he's got to save the voice.


Jeff Dunham, 8 p.m. Saturday, Mohegan Sun Arena; $50, $60;


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