Lots to blame to share in North Stonington

Darren Robert rightfully resigned as chairman of the dysfunctional North Stonington Board of Education last week. After reading Bob Testa's remarks in the media since then, it is obvious he feels Robert is to blame for all the board's problems. He couldn't be more wrong.

While change of leadership was needed, it was not Robert's fault when Dave McCord rose out of his seat at a recent meeting and yelled at another member to "shut up." It was not Robert's fault that Bob Testa raced to the phone like a child to be the first to give the new superintendent news of his hiring although it wasn't his place to do so. It is not Robert's fault that Chris Hundt routinely treats others with disrespect and childish heavy sighs when they make comments to the board and it is not Robert's fault that several of the board members chomp gum like 13-year-old Valley Girls throughout entire meetings.

I expect differences of opinion but it's time that every member of the board conduct themselves in the same manner that we demand of our students when they walk through the doors of our schools. If they can't they should resign their seats to prevent further embarrassment to our town.

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