Don't benefit Rand-Whitney and Kraft, use alternative options

I was disappointed in the June 5 article, "Montville Mayor: More study needed before next step with Rand-Whitney," about Montville's plan to seek state funds to pay for a new wastewater treatment center on the grounds of Rand-Whitney Container board because it did not mention two other options discussed in the engineer's report.

One of those options would provide for new anaerobic digestion equipment to be located at the town's existing sewerage treatment plant that would process Rand-Whitney's waste more efficiently, saving money for both Rand-Whitney and the town, and would not require an increase in the sewer use rate.

The $5 million grant the town is seeking comes from Connecticut taxpayers who are not going to be happy when they find out that their money is going to benefit Robert Kraft at the expense of Montville ratepayers.

Five million dollars is pocket change to Robert Kraft. He could easily use his own money to upgrade the facilities at his Montville plant; but why should he if he has foolish Democrat politicians who want to give him taxpayers' money.

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