TV tip: "Doctor Who"

Doctor Who is a good series; let's just get that straight right out of the box. Yes, it's British; yes, it's technically for children; and yes, it's been on since the 1960s. I admit that all this sounds difficult for an adult American viewer to get over - but there is a way to get into the series this late in the game. The gimmick of the show is that the main character, The Doctor, is part of an alien race that doesn't die but regenerates into a new actor, thus explaining the longevity of the show. Matt Smith began playing the 11th incarnation of The Doctor in 2010 when the show was given a minor reboot to incorporate a more American audience. So, starting with the two seasons with Smith is a great way to begin, since those episodes were designed to explain everything to newbies. Once you've properly digested these episodes, all of which are available on Netflix, you'll be ready to watch Smith's third season, premiering this fall on BBC America, and you'll be able to kill time with older episodes of past Doctors while you wait.



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