Draft of Groton charter revision to have public hearing Monday night

Groton — The mayor and City Council will present the Charter Revision Commission’s draft document for public hearing Monday at 7 p.m., in the City Municipal Building.

They will consider the recommendations of the electors in a mayor and City Council meeting following the public hearing.

In the draft, the charter’s 14 articles were reduced to 13, with all of the powers of the mayor and council, which had been spread throughout the document, consolidated into one article.

The most significant changes involve Article VI, the annual budget, in which the revision gives the City Council authority to make recommendations and to approve or reject the budget before it goes to the voters.

Also, Article IX establishes a code of ethics that defines inappropriate conduct for city officials. It also establishes an Ethics Board as the investigative and review panel.

Other changes include the development of a building and zoning department and a city planner position.


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