DiMauro column did not meet The Day's standards

I was surprised to read Mike DiMauro's July 3 column, "St. Bernard isn't winning many friends these days," surprised because a personal vindictive attack by an editor at The Day is such a rare occurrence in the fair and civil pages of this community's leading newspaper. The column did not come close to meeting the standards of The Day.

I found myself asking - when does the author's obsession with writing about a close friend and former high school coach at St. Bernard School finally come to an end? When does presenting the dissension of the parents of three baseball players give way to the good faith and support of the vast majority of students and their families? When does the campaign to slander a vital and proud school become embarrassing? When does the arrogance desist to presume a sports columnist is a more informed and skilled school administrator than the dedicated administrative team at St. Bernard?

When do Mr. Dimauro's destructive rants about a very good school begin to transition to the constructive? Ever? When does better judgment kick in that in the face of the crisis in the New London Public Schools, Catholic schools are critically important to the community? When does the realization set in that the Catholic high schools in the diocese, including St. Bernard High School, are sending 96 percent of graduates on to college? When is enough enough with a personal vendetta against an entire school?

St. Bernard is a vibrant institution of learning that is much more than its baseball program. Incidentally, on the subject of baseball, the new coach this year guided the baseball team to the same 14-6 record as the previous baseball coach. And the new incoming coach will no doubt keep the program going strong.

Is there room for improvement regarding the scheduling of practices? Yes. And it is being addressed. I would point out, as I did to Mr. DiMauro on the phone some weeks ago, that the principal and the athletic director, among other administrative team members, are there on campus almost all the time, not to mention frequent evenings. Comes with the territory for dedicated educators.

St. Bernard has a distinguished history of educating and inspiring its students over many years and now generations. Its future is brighter than its past. The reason the future is bright is that the administration is positive, dedicated, open to constructive ideas and steadfast in their belief in the guiding principle of educating the whole person.

I have read and admired many of Mike DiMauro's columns, such as the one about Rebecca Lobo's mother. There have been many. Those type of articles contribute positively to the welfare of the community. I would like to see more of those, with DiMauro at his talented best, rather than the inaccurate and non-productive fare regarding St.Bernard School.

Michael Strammiello is the director of communications for the Diocese of Norwich.


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