Kadri, Groton near the end

The marriage between the Groton Board of Education and its Superintendent Paul Kadri is over, it's just a matter of how ugly the divorce will be.

We can see no scenario under which Mr. Kadri, on paid administrative leave since May, can return to the position of superintendent and serve the school district effectively. An investigation into allegations of misconduct by the superintendent produced a devastating report. The investigation reveals numerous allegations from multiple employees that depict Mr. Kadri practicing a bullying style of management, acting unprofessionally and arguably unethically.

Mr. Kadri and his attorney have criticized the investigation and its findings. And while it is hard to believe so many people are making things up about Mr. Kadri or misinterpreting his actions, these do remain allegations. Still, even if Mr. Kadri was somehow to raise enough doubts about the findings and keep his job, how could he ever again expect to have any credibility with the school board, the teachers or the parents?

The superintendent has a contract. That will likely predicate some kind of monetary settlement to terminate his appointment. That's unfortunate, but it's likely reality. But we would urge Mr. Kadri to be reasonable in his demands and expectations. A nasty, prolonged fight will not improve his future job prospects.

This is a situation no school board wants to face, but deal with it the Groton board members must; and the sooner the better.

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