Play The Spoiler?

The Red Sox have lost 11 of their last 12. They are 15 games under .500 at 63-78. To say this season is a disaster is an understatement.

With the amount of payroll and preseason expectations it's got to be one of the worst seasons for any franchise in sports history and that's coming after the worst September collapse in MLB history.

The Red Sox have a real problem here, as they are losing their fan base. Right, wrong or indifferent, it's true. People don't like this team and after what's happened this season and last September on and off the field many fans are starting to not care.

The blockbuster trade with the Dodgers helped for a few days but the product on the field right now is just not attractive to the average fan. For those like myself still watching, it would be great to see this team string some wins together and play the spoiler and do what the Orioles, Rays and Yankees have done to us in the past.

This last month is full of the AL East so the opportunity is there. It may be too much to ask especially how the roster is now constituted and how they've played over the last three weeks but it will give those still watching, however few, some entertainment for this final month after a year of collapses, drama, and losing.

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