Why is Collins focused on Grandma McMahon?

David Collins opinion piece, "Debate tips for Murphy vs. McMahon," (Sept. 30), regarding his advice to Senate candidate Chris Murphy on the upcoming debates with Linda McMahon was disappointing. I am an independent voter with conservative leanings and though I don't always agree with him, I have always respected Collins' articles. Most of the time he seems to try to right a wrong.

I certainly give him credit for holding Mayor Finzio's feet to the fire in New London. However, I felt this article was more or less Collins telling Murphy how to beat up "grandma" at the debates regarding her finances. Mr. Collins calls McMahon grandma three times in the article, as if there's something wrong with her being a grandmother.

Both candidates have had financial indiscretions and both candidates are rich. Murphy was in office when he was delinquent, but he seems to get a base on balls from Collins cause he's one of us. Really? You wouldn't think the incumbent, attorney Murphy, would need any advice. But then again, it's quite obvious he does, he's in for the fight of his life with grandma.

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