Priced by foot, Norwich station is economical

The proposed Norwich police station is an opportunity to redress acknowledged problems in the existing overcrowded facility and introduce a new comprehensive facility in the city center at a low per-square-foot price.

Much has been made of the overall cost, overlooking the equally important matters of a modest cost-per-square foot, the strong argument that actual costs will be mitigated by a sharply competitive construction market, and access to outside funding if the bond passes.

Keep in mind that the new facility must compensate for existing glaring omissions: limited office space, absence of secure parking, no on-site training facilities and inadequate cell space to name just four.

One other factor requires reflection: not taking advantage of the three previously cited critical factors - low-square-foot cost, fierce competition for construction jobs and low interest rates - effectively pushes the decision off, but does not solve the problem.

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