The endorsement of Obama lacked facts

I doubt any of your readers are surprised at The Day's endorsement of President Obama; however, what I find surprising, is the complete lack of objectivity and a fair reporting of the facts.

A few examples are the general public's continued rejection (50 percent to 60 percent) of Obamacare, since it became law. Further, many analysts do not agree the al-Qaida network is decimated, in fact, many are of the opinion it is being regenerated as evidenced by recent events in the Middle East.

If there is any stagnation in the Congress, it is primarily because majority leader Sen. Harry Reid (D), refuses to take-up and to discuss in the Senate the 33 bills passed by the Republican House (some on a bipartisan basis), and, lastly, six different analysts agree, that Gov. Romney's proposed taxation is feasible (those studies are available on Romney's website).

In your closing paragraph, you make mention of a candidate who vacillates; of course you could be talking about the candidate you've just endorsed. In March 2006, then Sen. Obama severely criticized the Bush administration for proposing raising the debt ceiling (his complete quote is available on-line). However, as president, Obama has raised the ceiling each of his four years, over $1 trillion per fiscal year, and the CBO projects if we continue with his polices, it will be deficit spending through 2022, and beyond!?

This is not the leadership our country needs, wants, or can afford.

Mike Latham lives in Stonington.


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