Off-season thoughts, part 1

After a 69 win season and shedding 250 million dollars in salaries I, like the rest of you, are interested to see what the Boston Red Sox are planning to do this offseason.

Signing David Ortiz to the 2 year, 26 million dollar I'm good with. Hopefully after the 2 years the Red Sox will have paid Big Papi 30 million dollars due to him reaching the incentives placed in the new contract.

Besides that, the names I'm hearing are just not that exciting.

Mike Napoli? Adam LaRoche? Hiroki Kuroda? I'd take a look potentially for a one year deal which none of them want.

I also don't get this fascination in the media with Mike Napoli. I know that his numbers are very good at Fenway…but that's against Red Sox pitching which, over the past 3 years, hasn't been that great. For me, with the resources available, he would not be the answer for the everyday first baseman. There has to be a better option.

Speaking of fascination, can we stop with Justin Masterson and Shin Shoo Choo for Jacoby Ellsbury. I'm not even going to go into this because this couldn't make less sense.

The signing of David Ross as a back-up catcher makes sense if they are going to try and package Salty or Lavarnway in a trade but for me 2 years, 6.2 million dollars seems a little much for a player that might play 60 games.

All eyes are on Ben Cherington and the Red Sox front office. Hopefully these initial names are just that and there's some more creativity being discussed behind closed doors.

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