America turning into socialist state

Congratulations, liberals.

I am now convinced that Barack Obama has been 100 percent successful in "fundamentally transforming" America as he had promised.

In order to accomplish this he needed to get as many people into his "cart" as possible. He knew, as did we conservatives, that once there were more people in the cart than there were pulling it the Democrat iron grip on the White House, and America's dismal fate, would be forever set in stone.

My hat is off to him. His goal of transforming America into a European-style socialist state is well underway and will be so deeply rooted by 2016 that the "entitled" masses will absolutely have to vote for his Democrat successor to keep the benefits flowing their way.

This huge American addiction will not be stopped.

Not stopped, that is, until other people's money runs out - until the wealthy have all fled, or lost everything, until the government checks start bouncing.

God willing, I'll be gone when the collapse happens - and it will happen.

Congratulations liberals. You won.

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