Death of objective journalism in America

Webster defines journalism as: "a direct presentation of the facts or events without an attempt at interpretation." Unfortunately, most of the mainstream media does not abide by this definition. Instead they choose to distort the facts to best serve their interest, or in the case of the terror attack on the Benghazi Embassy they just ignore the story, as is does not serve their political objectives.

Yet 40 years ago when the Watergate scandal unfolded they pounced on what was not much more than a political prank; albeit this was illegal and President Nixon was a Republican.

But now, with four brave Americans killed in Benghazi and the State Department seemingly covering up the facts in an attempt to save their careers and protect others, the silence on the part of the mainstream media is deafening. Could it be that it is because there is a Democrat in the White House?

I am a registered independent.

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