DVD tip: "Hope Springs"

It's here! It's here! Well, as of Tuesday, Dec. 4, it'll be here. That's the day "Hope Springs" will be released on DVD, and you can bet an abnormally large number of DVDs will be sold in southeastern Connecticut. The drama, after all, filmed myriad scenes in Stonington; the borough became the fictional town mentioned in the movie title. Now, you'll be able to freeze-frame on, well, whatever scenes you want. You can, though, pretty easily spot Noah's in its movie incarnation as the Nor'easter Diner, along with Skipper's Dock, the Old Lighthouse Museum, and the Inn at Stonington, among others. And the movie? Not Meryl Streep's greatest, but an interesting look at a subject rarely considered in movies: an older couple trying to reignite their sexual spark.



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