Disenfranchise the city of Groton

The question arises as to who will pay for the massive debt left by Groton city's failed venture into cable TV?

The City Council's decision to sell the company at a rock- bottom price leaves behind a massive debt that most likely will rebound into the purses of all Groton residents when the city submits its annual budget request to the town in support of its redundant and costly operations.

The city mayor's position is that there is only one viable option to stop the fiscal bleeding from TVConnect - sell the company at a huge loss to the only bidder.

Certainly there is another option: Sell all of Groton Utilities and get out of businesses that the city has clearly demonstrated it does not have the competency to manage.

Despite owning a utility and having two of the town's largest taxpayers on its roles, the city, as a fire district, has the second highest mill rate in town. The time is nigh to disenfranchise the city government and streamline the town of Groton's governance and operations.

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