Who is laughing now over state budget?

This note is to the state representative for the 38th District, Besty Ritter (Democrat), and all of the rest of "the problem."

Prior to the election in November you and opponent Tony Siragusa held exactly one debate. I attended the debate and was able to submit my question and was fortunate enough to have it asked to the candidates. My question was in regard to the looming current state budget deficit and what could be done and how you would go about fixing it.

Both you and the moderator, the editor of The Day newspaper, thought that this question was quite funny and laughed at it. Then you went on to state that "we were only off by 5 percent." On a $100 dinner bill that's only $5. On a $2 billion dollar budget that is something completely different.

In light of the fact that the budget deficit is now nearing $500 million and the next budget cycle is projected to be at least $1.2 billion short, my new question to you is are you still laughing representative, are you? It's not so funny now, is it?

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