Too many guns in the wrong hands

As I sit in front of my television watching events at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I wonder: Was this predictable?

Could security at the school have been better? In hindsight, yes. Our nation will review what happened, attempting to improve security. No place is completely secure, from the White House, Submarine Base and our homes with security systems.

What about gun control? I can't help but think about the fact that there is almost one weapon out there for every child, woman and man in our country. The criminals will continue to acquire guns.

While state police try to reduce gun violence, taxpayers try to save money, and to offset the cost of new police handguns the state sold off most of its used weapons. Those guns should have been melted down.

During the last four years there have been more weapon permits issued then in any previous four-years period. That tells us that none of us feels safe.

At this time we must look to prayer as a nation. We will mourn until the last is laid to rest.

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