To thank this veteran, outlaw assault weapons

Open letter to Washington:

As with most folks in this country, I was stunned by the Newtown massacre. But as the vigils and funerals conclude, we can't simply move on. We need to stop the madness before the next incident.

During 1968 I was in the Vietnam War. Hardly a day goes by that something doesn't trigger a gruesome memory. I endured countless Newtowns. I've been able to contain most of those demons but Newtown let them all out. Because I never asked anyone to recognize my service, I'm calling in my marker and asking now. I want our government to pass legislation outlawing personal ownership of military weapons and the ammunition it uses. I want it done today!

The Newtown weapon was the same weapon I used in war. It was solely designed to kill people, the most it could, in the shortest period of time. It has no other purpose. Nobody needs these weapons nor should they own them. Only military and law enforcement agencies should have them. My request may appear to be self-serving and to some extent it is.

If my request is granted, however, and a single life is preserved, perhaps this real, simple expression of gratitude to a vet will have so much more meaning.

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