Wear green and white, then work for change

As we grieve the beautiful children and their teachers who died Dec. 14, it seems to me that the best tribute we can offer them is for each one of us to do all we can to see that such a tragic killing does not happen again.

I suggest we follow the lead of Newtown parents and friends by wearing green and white lapel ribbons, the colors of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Green represents the earth, growth and life; white symbolizes light and enlightenment. We need light and enlightenment as we work with our legislators to eliminate the sale of assault weapons.

Let these colors remind us that every child deserves to live a full and abundant life, free of fear at school, free to learn, free to dream and be challenged, free to play and imagine.

Will you join the family and friends of the Newtown children by wearing a green and white ribbon?

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