Raze Sandy Hook school, help the town

I am one more heartbroken Connecticut resident whose thoughts and prayers are with the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School who have suffered such horrific losses. As a retired elementary school media specialist, I feel strongly that no child, staff member or parent should ever again have to enter the school building where such carnage occurred. The building should be razed. I have sent an email to Gov. Malloy to propose that each Connecticut town and citizen should come together to contribute to a fund that will be established to build a new school for Newtown.

Once we have paid our respects to the victims and enveloped these families with our love, we can then show them in a very tangible way that their children are our children and that our communities support them and will help them begin anew.

These young students, their families and their town deserve nothing less. Let us show them that Connecticut cares for them.

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