Take time to note blessings around you

This Christmas there are so many things to give thanks and blessing for, and most importantly, our families - two legged and four legged, and our true-blue friends.

Every single day you find something new to be blessed for. It's not something you look for, it just happens.

Today, upon opening Christmas gifts given to me by someone in the work place, I realized that some human beings look beyond the surface of us. It doesn't matter to these people what our position is at work. These individuals are truly kind, and not judgmental towards their fellow human beings. They are aware that all of us have a soul and feelings, and that each of us are important in some way.

After knowing so much human cruelty in my lifetime, this is truly a blessing.

Just take the time to look around you. You'll find the blessings like I do everyday, in the simple things in life. Most importantly, in other kind people.

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