Questions remain over YMCA property

In North Stonington I have heard a lot of whispering about the former YMCA property, which was bought and is now Firefly Farms. I understand there was a will that had a reverter clause stating that the YMCA land would go to the town if the YMCA ceased.

Simple, yes. Now comes the monkey wrench. Back in 1989, a release of the reverter on all the land was signed by town officials. It is on public record, so what's the controversy?

As a taxpayer, I'd like to know since it is taxpayer money funding lawyers on this issue. How much money has been spent? Why the secrecy? Has the town been manipulated into paying for a personal vendetta?

If the town thinks it has a claim on the land, shouldn't there be a town meeting, so the townspeople can be informed, have a say, and have a vote on whether to spend more money on this issue? I believe the facts speak for themselves and thousands of dollars need not be wasted for it to be settled, although the town may be liable to pay for legal fees for Firefly Farms.

Taxpayers and citizens should ask selectmen to hold a town meeting on the subject.

Brian A. Rathbun

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