Democracy failed in TVC sale deal

I agree with most of attorney Matthew Shafner's comments in The Day, "Personal attacks endanger governance," Jan. 2.

Who can object to motherhood, apple pie, and the warm fuzzy side of democracy at work? Unfortunately, regarding the divestiture of Thames Valley Communications, we are confronted with the dark, dank underbelly of democracy:

A $30 million boondoggle for which an acceptable accounting has not been provided.

Regardless of how the principals choose to characterize and rationalize it, the sale was conducted in virtual secrecy. Despite requests for explanations, satisfactory answers have not been forthcoming. Information provided is much too little and far too late.

I requested that a fact sheet, including a summary of the pros and cons regarding the evaluation of various courses of action be prepared and issued to the public. I am still waiting. I requested postponement of the sale pending further evaluation. This was overridden by unanimous vote of the Groton City Council.

I want to address other comments in Mr. Shafner's letter: Although I have never served in local government, I performed my public service in the U.S. Navy at sea and in harm's way during World War II; therefore, I have a valid right to object to what I consider to be poor governance.

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