Finding the holes in Collins' doughtnut column

In his column, "A shot of politics with the doughnut," (Jan. 16), David Collins demonstrated his liberal leaning arrogance with his statements dealing with a number of Dunkin Donut shops with their television sets tuned to the "right-leaning" programming on Fox News.

My message to Mr. Collins is: "So what?" If it offends you, go to Starbucks. Your column offends me and I have the right, which I intend to exercise, not to read your column in the future.

You must have a lot of time on your hands if you can investigate all the regional Dunkin Donuts to check for those that would have TV sets tuned into Fox News.

I think you need to get a real job.

Furthermore, your advice that whoever is choosing the Fox News channel at the Stonington and North Stonington stores should consider the scripture verses that were printed on Bess Eaton cups some years ago -suggesting that this led to its "eventual bankruptcy" - is a misleading statement. There is nothing that supports this. Get your facts straight.

Mr. Collins, let the Dunkin Donut shops choose whatever channel their customers want and stop picking on us conservatives.

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