Don't outlaw guns, enforce existing laws

The thrust of the subject editorial, "Don't again miss chance at gun reform, (Feb. 2), is that banning of large bullet magazines will somehow eliminate, or minimize, tragedies like that seen in Newtown. In my view, your thesis is illogical because law-abiding people are not committing these horrible crimes. FBI statistics clearly reveal, that the overwhelming majority of homicides from guns (approximately 11,000 per year) fall into three major categories: hardened criminals (e.g., drug dealers); gangbangers (turf wars and collateral); and mentally disturbed (responsible for most of the mass shootings).

The adding of additional laws to the almost 20,000 laws currently on the books will do nothing to dissuade, or in any way inhibit, those in the aforementioned groups.

What can make a huge difference, and would show immediate results, will be to enforce current laws and craft new laws that address the mentally disturbed. Lastly, we do not need any more political posturing, we need serious people addressing a serious problem.

Perhaps a good place to start to understand how to proceed would be to listen to the testimony given by Mark Mattioli (his son James was slain at Sandy Hook) to the Connecticut legislature; Mr. Mattioli was a very credible witness, and I believe he had it exactly right.

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