When it snows, Conn. could learn from N.H.

Connecticut has done a very poor job of snow removal. Being from New Hampshire, when there is a storm, they plow all night through it so that roads are never closed. Here, they close the roads and then begin plowing when the storm is done. Feb. 9 in the afternoon at 2, the plow came down my road and got stuck. Two other plows came and tried to get the first truck loose. Meanwhile, an ambulance needed to reach someone just past this traffic jam. It was nearly 30 minutes before the ambulance was able to get back to the main road.

Something about this system needs to be changed.

Even Feb. 11, two days after the storm, the side roads were still nearly impassable. I have not seen one more plow since the three out front Feb. 9.

Last time I checked, this is New England - where it snows.

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