2.3% tax (or more) on medical equipment

Does grandma need a cane, a wheelchair, a heart monitor, or just an ankle brace? A 2.3 percent excise tax on medical equipment starts in 2013. It's all part of the "cost savings?" encapsulated in the Obamacare health plan.

Those that manufacture are subject to pay this 2.3 percent on their "sales revenue." The majority of these manufacturers sell their product at reduced prices to wholesale distributors, who may also have to pay 2.3 percent on their sales revenue. It may be that you and I will have to pay 2.3 percent additional taxes when we buy Band Aids at Rite Aid or CVS.

Since Health and Human Services can apparently decide "who pays," it's conceivable that 2.3 percent, times three, will equal a 6.9 percent price increase for granny's medical supplies, and even your Band Aids, or health food purchases.

Another benefit of large intrusive government in your life and mine.

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