Stop the talk and start growing jobs

President Obama spoke of jobs in the State of the Union Address, again. Let's hope it is more than just talk this time.

There are about 23 million out of jobs. Uncounted numbers of people so discouraged, they have given up looking . These folks are not counted by the government, making the administration look better on job creation than it really is doing. The president likes to say government creates jobs; it does not. What it does do is create a financial burden on all taxpayers.

More people employed, means more tax revenue in the treasury, means we pay our country's bills.

Before I retired I was employed and honestly, not too enthused. It did give me a place to be, a boss who told me what time I was to be there, and it did give me something to do. I got a paycheck, also. That paycheck allowed me to pay bills, buy things I wanted, and the freedom to go where I wanted. Much to be said about a paycheck. Working? Not so much. More people need to experience this kind of freedom.

The United States needs a vibrant economy - jobs, jobs, jobs. Presidential jawboning won't cut the mustard.

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