Brita Belli at Groton Public Library

Journalist Brita Belli will be in Groton, CT at the Groton Public Library on Wednesday, April 17 at 7 p.m. to read and discuss her book The Autism Puzzle.

In The Autism Puzzle, Brita Belli brings us into the lives of three families with autistic children, each with different ideas about autism, as she explores the possible causes. She interprets for readers compelling evidence that environmental toxins—including common exposures from chemicals mounting in our everyday lives—may be sparking this disorder in vulnerable children. Belli calls for an end to the use of materials like toxic flame retardants used in electronics and furniture, which have been banned elsewhere, that are hazardous, insisting that we cannot afford to experiment with our children. The Autism Puzzle puts a human face on the families caught in between the debates, and offers a refreshingly balanced perspective.

Join Brita for a reading and signing of this important book.