Credit the NRA for teaching kids gun safety

So, New London Mayor Finizio has prevented 255 guns from "falling into the wrong hands." Is that the same as "getting guns off the streets?" No "amnesty" and police made sure that a gun was never "used in a crime." But a retiree's childhood .22 can-plinking rifle will be gleefully destroyed.

Gov. Malloy is not alone in his knee-jerk frenzy to "just do something." Might I suggest a more prudent path to "gun safety?"

First, get printouts of the 20,000-plus gun laws that already exist across the country. Eliminate (repeal?) the losers, retain and refine any that would actually prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook. (Hint: guns are inanimate objects, crazy people can be dangerous).

Next, send teams to conduct candid interviews of prisoners convicted of gun crimes. Ask them point blank what is their weapon of choice? Would they comply with background checks, low-capacity magazines, or outlawed gun models? Do they find a "Gun-Free Zone" sign inviting?

Anti-gun ideologues hate the NRA for trying to protect the Second Amendment, and carry signs alleging "The NRA kills our kids," despite the thousands of "Eddie Eagle" youth gun safety courses the NRA sponsors.

Deranged mass murderers are not typically, if ever, NRA members.

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