Why make finding bread aisle difficult?

From time to time some grocery stores get the bright idea of changing grocery items around and moving them to another part of the store. For many of us this is an inconvenience and irritating, causing delays in our busy schedules.

This practice especially makes us older shoppers think we are experiencing the early signs of dementia or Alzheimer's as we try to find the items we need, but keep going round and round confused.

Maybe stores do this to confuse someone coming into shoplift, but who really knows?

If these stores care about valued customers, why not ask them how they would accept the idea before moving things around and playing hide-and-go-seek with grocery items.

Talking to other shoppers, they all agreed it would be better to leave well enough alone.

Another beef I have is please don't ask me a foolish question, like do you want your milk in a bag. Of course I want it in a plastic bag! (Actually two plastic bags, then I tie the top off tight so I don't have an accidental spill in my car.) Anyone who has had milk spill on a carpet knows how milk smells if you don't clean the carpet good enough; just common sense.

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