Green Day returns

Welcome back, Billie Joe!

We all know the story: Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong had an epic, guitar-smashing, profanity-spewing meltdown onstage at a musical festival a few months back. (Considering he's a punk-rocker, isn't he SUPPOSED to do that kind of thing?)

Well, Armstrong retreated to rehab and postponed Green Day's concert tour - including a gig at Mohegan Sun, which now takes place Saturday. The delayed tour just kicked into gear last week, and, so far, the reviews have been enthusiastic.

The Chicago Tribune critic wrote, "Avoiding decisions that threatened to turn previous concerts into clichéd spectacle, Green Day lessened the bombast and sharpened its focus. No video projections, no choreographed moves, no pyrotechnics - just amplifiers and lights. Enjoying the moment, the band rediscovered its roots via goofy antics and smirking punk-pop favorites."

At one point, Armstrong proclaimed, "This is a celebration!" For him, certainly, and for fans, probably, too.


Green Day, 8 p.m. Saturday, Mohegan Sun Arena; Best Coast opens; $42, $62;


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