Congress created postal financial mess

Help Stop the needless displacement of 1,200 Connecticut postal workers and their families to New York and Massachusetts. Write and call Congress and demand that the U.S. Postal Service keeps Wallingford Processing and Distribution Center Open, continues first-class service, maintains current delivery standards, and keeps jobs and mail in Connecticut, not shipped out of state.

Why? In 2006, a Republican-controlled Congress and President Bush approved the "Postal Accountability Act." This law required that by 2016, USPS must pre-pay postal service retirees' health-care benefits for the next 75 years. That includes future benefits for employees not yet hired, even not yet born.

This impossibility began a suicidal spiral intended to kill the USPS and privatize its services.

The craze for privatization began with President Reagan's famous statement: "Government is the problem." Privatization would get the post office out of our mailboxes and hand mail service over to private entities like FedEx and UPS.

The goal of these private businesses is profit, not public service, and there's no profit in serving rural areas.

Congress created this financial disaster. It's time for Congress to read the U.S. Constitution, which says: "Congress shall have the power to establish Post Offices (Article 1, Section 8)." That doesn't mean destroy post offices.

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