Every life saved by reform law important

In 2011, 8,583 people were killed by guns - 8,583 brothers, sisters, parents, children and friends. Does anyone think gun control will prevent 8,583 deaths? Absolutely not, but if it could prevent one less death, would it be worth it?

The point of gun-control legislation is not only prevention of homicides, but to deter those looking to do harm. Just as asking for identification will not prevent a motivated child from getting alcohol or cigarettes. It is not unreasonable to regulate assault weapons, large magazines and to mandate background checks.

Gun owners who have these weapons can keep them as long as they are registered. I understand the passion for the Second Amendment, but the words "well regulated" were written into the amendment. It is as if our forefathers could recognize the need for a scope of regulation to this unalienable right to bear arms. If 8,583 deaths could be 8,582, if that one less death were your family member or friend; would it be worth it?

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