Elderly in Connecticut need Prague on the job

What a cheap shot was your April 5 editorial, "Prague's victory lap." You admit what a great advocate for the elderly is former Sen. Edith Prague, and yet you doubt her as a best choice for commissioner of the Department on Aging. The elderly don't need "fresh ideas." They need solid advice on insurance, health care and housing from an experienced leader. Your quip reminds me of President Reagan's comment in a debate that he would not hold a much younger opponent's lack of experience against him!

One of the largest voter blocks, whose demographic is steadily growing in size and influence, the elderly do need a separate dedicated department to protect their unique interests.

I have seen Prague in action supporting health care workers, teachers, public servants and the disenfranchised. I have seen her motivate and inspire new voters and young concerned citizens. She greets voters at the town dump, as well as via "modern technology communication."

My Aunt Gen would say to you, "Tend to your own knitting," as your own readership falls. I see school libraries without The Day in print, and only tech schools requiring The Day readership online.

I think Bar Colby or Theodore Bodenwein would have endorsed Prague's appointment.

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