Put Doonesbury comic on Day opinion page

On April 14, The Day reached a new low in "Bush bashing." The Luckovich cartoon on your editorial page continues to perpetuate the myth that President George W. Bush was an unscholarly numskull.

As usual, when liberals disagree with his policies, they attempt to belittle his intellect. And, in the so-called "funnies" section of the paper, Gary Trudeau takes on the Bush family with his usual left-wing, anti-Republican unfunniness.

I certainly acknowledge your right to editorially support any point of view that you wish. However, it is deceitful to put Doonesbury in the comics section of the newspaper.

Many newspapers have decided to put Trudeau's politically oriented and patently biased strip on the editorial page. Why don't you be honest and do the same?

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