Shop tip: Organon

56 Middlesex Ave., Chester

If you tell me there's a place where I can get mascarpone sweet potato soup and vegan vanilla cupcakes, you can bet I'm as good as there. Luckily, a place such as this is only a short distance away from my 'hood at a shop called Organon in Chester. Beyond its wonderful fresh foods case, baked goods and sweets (vegan baked goods = delicious. Just try it.), Organon offers a fantastic variety of organic, vegetarian, vegan and local groceries and sundries, from frozen foods and cereals to rosewater sprays and diapers. Now, this is a small market, so don't bust in there hoping for a Trader Joe's situation. Go for the prepared foods first, and you'll likely leave with an armload of other groceries you didn't know you needed - and you'll be very happy for it.



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