Flower display rebuff left Day reader wilted

Once again, The Day has failed to cover a local event. I have read other complaints and now add mine to the list.

On April 22-24 the Trillium Garden Club had a flower display at the Groton Public Library celebrating 25 years of working together. We chose to focus on "Books and Flowers" with artistic interpretations all over the library. There were 28 exhibits in all done by members of the Trillium Garden Club.

In the world of sadness and violence, it would have been a welcome relief to your readers if you had covered this event. Both the library and Garden Club tried to contact your appropriate people but we were ignored except for one brief announcement in the Sunday Calendar.

I am doubly angry that you ran a photo on Friday, April 26 of a woman in Ramsonville, N.Y. picking out pansies but you could not cover our local event. Shame on you. As often happens your newspaper does not care about the local community and yet congratulates itself about what a great newspaper it is. Not in my book or that of many others.

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