Karen Reed did what was best for her son

To the Sports Editor:

Congratulations to Jordan Reed and his family, to Tom and Barbara Major for their generosity and to the skill of Jack Cochran, all of whom have contributed to Jordan's future NFL career.

Some had questioned the Reed family's move to New London for football reasons a few years ago. Mike DiMauro, as usual, spoke to the heart of this important matter in a recent column.

For a talented athlete, the only path toward a professional career is through the educational system, high school and college. In the United States it is the only stage to demonstrate athletic skill, football in particular.

If parents believe they have a talented athlete they may want to seek the best opportunity they can find ... as Karen Reed did.

I don't think sports should be tied to education although I would miss the excitement of college football and basketball games. The rest of the world keeps sports and education separated. The relationship between the two is incompatible; it always has been and always will be given the money involved at the upper levels.

But Karen Reed did what she thought was best for her sons ... and who can blame her.

Richard Conover

Gales Ferry


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