Kitchen Little failed to play by the rules

Every argument regarding the Kitchen Little dilemma does not take into consideration that the owner and the owners of the Mystic River Marina entered into this venture knowing that they were in violation of its seasonal permit. Restaurant owner Flo Klewin steps around the permit and then cries foul. My neighborhood does not wish to "put her out of business." She established Kitchen Little's many years of success on Route 27, demonstrating the impact of a visible location, near major tourist attractions, and hotels.

Having lived in this neighborhood for 29 years, we have seen a precedent of seasonal restaurants opening and closing at the marina. Not only has the neighborhood supported the many restaurants, it has been a good neighbor and customer to the marina.

What's not fair to this residential area is the year-round increased traffic on narrow, unlit roads day and night. The safety and character of our neighborhood has been compromised and the zoning officials, selectmen, and town planner should be aware of this.

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