ECC awards / softball

Following is the list of Eastern Connecticut Conference softball all-stars and sportsmanship award winners:

Large Division

First team - Infielders: Katelyn Haff (Waterford), Alyssa Howard (Bacon Academy), Caroline Taber (Fitch), Madison Horner (East Lyme); Outfielders: Talia Rickerson (Waterford), Morgan Lloyd (East Lyme), Alison Lindsey (Bacon Academy); Pitchers: Erica Hill (East Lyme), Alana Luzzio (Fitch); Catcher: Emily DeVito (NFA); Designated player: Holly Noe (Fitch).

Honorable mention - Shelby Tallman (Bacon Academy), Sydney Swanson (East Lyme), Alesha Mancini (Fitch), Megan Spellman (Waterford), Elaina Sullivan (Waterford), Jodi Weiss (Waterford).

Sportmanship award - Alyssa Howard (Bacon Academy), Nicole Lee (East Lyme), Alesha Mancini (Fitch), Samantha DeVito (NFA), Megan Spellman (Waterford), Kristen Kozey (Woodstock Academy).

Medium Division

First team - Infielders: Lindsey Reinhart (Ledyard), Ally Curioso (Stonington), Kaitlyn Niles (Griswold), Christine McNeil (Stonington); Outfielders: Haley Brennan (New London), Andrea Chiaradio (Stonington), Nycole Sylvestre (Griswold); Pitchers: Theresa Kane (Stonington), Kirsten Drobiak (Griswold); Catcher: Katie Headley (Stonington); Designated player: Tyler Gernhard (Ledyard).

Honorable mention - Kasey Ayer (Griswold), Elizabeth Olszewski (Griswold), Emily Slonski (Griswold), Jamie LeDuc (Killingly), Mikayla Pasco (Killingly), Bryana Pilozzi (Killingly), Abbey Weber (Killingly), Alexa Weber (Killingly), Mackensie Crowley (Stonington), Mallory Kane (Stonington), Calla Contos (Windham), Kathy Oyola (Windham).

Sportsmanship award - Emily Slonski (Griswold), Karlee Miller (Killingly), Jessica Monday (Ledyard), Samantha Overton (New London), Jaclyn Paride (Stonington), Zuleyka Morales (Windham).

Small Division

First team - Infielders: Alex Williams (Plainfield), Ali Patterson (St. Bernard), Katrina Awad (Montville), Kayla Collins (Wheeler); Outfielders: Mackenzie Church (Plainfield), Gretchen Greene (St. Bernard), Chelsey Hussey (Lyman Memorial); Pitchers: Summer Cipriani (Wheeler), Mena Buscetto (St. Bernard); Catcher: Raven Houck (Wheeler); Designated player: Ashley Gendreau (Tourtellotte).

Honorable mention - Siarra Harrington (Lyman Memorial), Hannah Meyers (Montville), Stephanie Szot (Montville), Keri Lehtonen (Plainfield), Katie Marcoux (Plainfield), Halie Poirier (Tourtellotte), Kylie Baker (Wheeler).

Sportsmanship awards - Casie Vigue (Lyman Memorial), Caitlin Perkins (Montville), Brittany Horn (Plainfield), Kiely Smith (St. Bernard), Nicole Tetreault (Tourtellotte), Ashley DiScuillo (Wheeler).


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