Route 139 Improvement Underway

Work is well underway the North Branford side of the North Branford/Branford Route 139 improvement project.
Work is well underway the North Branford side of the North Branford/Branford Route 139 improvement project.

It's stop-and-go, one-lane traffic, with work well underway on the state project to improve CT Route 139 at the North Branford/Branford town line.

The project, announced earlier this year, is Step One of a three-phase Connecticut Dept. of Transportation (ConnDOT) which will eventually include two more projects incorporating bridge replacements in the future, one on School Ground Road and the other on North Branford Road (Route 139) in Branford.

Current construction work, at this point is taking place at the curve of Route 139 in North Branford. It passes Valley Road (where more work is underway to remove the island and the "Y"-shaped instersection) and stops just short of the Branford town line. The improvement will ultimately strectch across the Branford line to improve the intersection at School Ground Road. Construction work on the Branford side will end at Marbar Road. Valley Road is accessible during this phase of construction.

The following information on the Route 139 North Branford/Branford improvement project was been supplied by ConnDOT to residents during public information meetings held in Jan. 2013 and Feb. 2013:

School Ground Road will be revamped to provide an exclusive left-turn lane, as well as installing a traffic signal at the intersection. The widening on Route 139 will also allow southbound through traffic to bypass vehicles turning left onto Valley Road. Additional improvements include re-grading the embankment slope on the inside of the existing horizontal curve, as well as minor flattening of the existing curve, in the vicinity of Valley Road to improve the sightlines for Route 139 southbound traffic. Minor drainage adjustments will be provided to accommodate the proposed edge of road. An exclusive left-turn lane on School Ground Road will be installed to reduce queue lengths and allow for a more consistent flow of right-turning traffic. Valley Road will be reconstructed into a T-type intersection with its vertical alignment raised to match the grade on Route 139 and eliminate the steep approach grades at both the north and south junctions of the existing Y-intersection. The utility poles affected by the proposed improvements will be relocated. Acquisition of rights-of-way from several properties will be required to implement the proposed improvements.  Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2013, based on the availability of funding. The estimated construction cost for this project is approximately $2.5 million and it is anticipated to be undertaken with 90% Federal and 10% State funds.



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