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NL school board lets egos get in way

I agree with the guest commentary, "New London Board of Ed obstructs, not instructs," (June 9). Bruised egos and failure to focus on the children of New London has been a long standing theme for this group. Bringing in a special master to help the board work smoother and better has barely worked. Some of the members are recycled from City Council as well and they continue to impede progress.

Now after wanting to make our city a magnet district, they want to dismiss Superintendent Nicholas Fischer. Positive growth is slowly appearing with test scores and now is not the time to let him go.

I have met some of the members and have read many times how a member is disgruntled when a motion is denied or they haven't had their turn to speak. Legal action has even been threatened in a meeting, so I believe some of these members with bruised egos need to remember who they are trying to help. If a resident found it so easy to get information that is required, this doesn't reflect well on board members. If it were possible, I would make a vote of no confidence and seek new members for the board as well.

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