Stage tip: "I'm Connecticut"

Ivoryton Playhouse

103 Main St., Ivoryton

Nutmeggers, this show is for you! Well, and for anyone who loves a breezy romantic comedy. "I'm Connecticut" is written by Mike Reiss, who grew up in Bristol and who went on to write for "The Simpsons." That "Simpsons" sensibility percolates throughout, in the form of sassy one-liners and amusing character quirks. The Connecticut references - and there are some hilarious ones - are woven into the story of a guy named Marc who figures he's too much like his home state of Connecticut, meaning nice and inoffensive, to attract a girlfriend. Harris Doran imbues Marc with an endearing earnestness, and he spins each joke expertly. And if the actor who plays Marc's grandfather looks familiar, it's because Jerry Adler has been in pretty much every TV show and movie over the years. "I'm Connecticut" runs through Sunday. Tickets are $40, $35 seniors, $20 students, $15 children; (860) 767-7318.



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